MLM - building strong business networks and efficient computation of commissions

Multi Level Marketing is a tool for selling products or services, which reliably prevents the unnecessary waste of money.

GETMORE system, implementation of MLM is an information management system for business-type network MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Allows you to control the structure of particular traders, input sales (contracts), import commissions paid monthly reports from the partners to link the accounting system, calculated by individual traders commission statements, including the possibility of cancellation of contracts, etc.

Why to Have - What It Brings

Our created MLM system is designed to allow:

  • Integrated management of business networks
  • Up to meet the needs of brokerage and MLM networks

Who Uses MLM

  • Owners and managers who want to maximize management efficiency


MLM solution GETMORE won first place in the competition for the best Microsoft Azure aplication in January, 2011.

Case study AFD

"GETMORE application meets all our expectations. Its operation is reliable and fast."

Pavel Krivoš
Managing Director of AFD - group

Full study here:

Powered By Windows Azure

Interested in a free demo access or trial version? Do you want to get more info? Follow this link: Demo/Trial version/inquiry.

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