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Workflow - with optimization of processes to efficient organizing

All requests/operations within the organization, from the simplest, such as the requirement for a business trip to a circulation of document in organization such as the invoice approval process, can be managed and controlled by WorkFlow.

Workflow systems is designed to automate process during which they aretransmitted information, tasks or documents from one employee to anotheraccording to specific rules. Workflow allows for the tasks defined processes to enter, search, view and check their progress. Define the various participants inbusiness processes and flows in the process.

Work Flow systems are designed for organizations that want to:

  • automate the flow of tasks, requirements and documents
  • keep order in their documents, including the complete archiving,
  • follow pre-defined flow processes of documents, requirements or tasks
  • know when, by whom and how long the individual acts have been processed ,
  • to increase productivity and save time of workers in their tasks.

Why to Have - What It Brings

Our created System WorkFlow is designed to allow:

  • easy to record and manage customer and internal requirements and challenges
  • effective management decision-making processes and more transparent flows
  • faster searching shortcomings, reserves and inefficient operations,
  • effectively optimize the processes to achieve greater profits,
  • time reporting and valuation work on individual requirements and challenges
  • immediately convey information to customer and increase its satisfaction,
  • effective analysis and reporting
  • simple and flawless creation of documents for billing and

support processes according to ISO standards.

Who Uses Workflow

  • Owners and managers who need to monitor the development of assigned tasks and want to know the workload of their subordinates.
  • Staff organizations who need to know the tasks assigned to them and they needknowing what they have now resolved.
  • Groups and teams that want to record and share information to customer on specific projects and need to know details about their activities.


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